Thank you for choosing LX TARGETS products. For the shooting to be a fun experience, do the following: shoot safely, know the target and what's beyond:

1. Protect your eyes and ears while shooting by using ballistic glasses and ear muffs. Apply this routine for people around you when shooting at targets.

2. Minimum safe distances when shooting at LX TARGETS:

a) pistol - 10 m, Magnum ammunition and 7.62x25 mm - 50 meters,

b) shotgun pellet - 10 m, do not use BRENEKE ammunition,

c) rifle - 50 m, ammunition 223 Remington AR 15, 7.62X39 AK

d) BRENEKE's shotgun - 50 m.

e) rifle - 150 m using ammunition with energy - 1500-4000 J.

3. Do not shoot LX TARGETS targets with ammunition - BB bullets, airgun pellets.

4. Steel core, anti-tank and self-igniting ammunition should not be used. Ammunition generally available on the market should be used - WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION ACT Article 10 point 6.

5. Targets should be placed in the direction of shooting.

6. Before the next shooting, check the condition of the targets. If there is damage on the surface in the form of cracks or craters with a depth exceeding 3mm, the target should be excluded from further use.

7. Targets should be placed on a stable surface: sand, grass or anti-ricochet slabs.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of discs and as a result of breaking or following the safety rules.